Carlisle & West Cumbria Advanced Motorists

What is an Advanced Driver or Rider?

Someone who has undergone training and subsequently passed an Advanced Driving or Riding Test such as that offered by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart); RoSPA or Diamond.

Why do people train for and sit an Advanced Test?

For all sorts of reasons! There are those who want the satisfaction of knowing they are in the top 5% of drivers or riders on our roads; to increase their enjoyment of the driving or riding task; to reduce the chance of being involved in a road traffic incident; to attract a lower insurance premium and for that sense of achievement on meeting the standard!

If you live in the Carlisle or West Cumbria area, give us a call for a no obligation chat or follow the links on this site. These are the IAM RoadSmart courses we offer:

Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider Courses

The IAM RoadSmart "Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider Courses" package currently costs £149. It aims to bring drivers and riders up to Advanced Test standard over, usually, six or so training sessions.

Associates are allocated their own *Observer and the training sessions are taken on dates and times agreed between the two: the aim is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

*Observer: an Advanced Driver or Rider who has undertaken further training and assessment to qualify them to instruct others in Advanced Driving or Riding techniques. Observers are unpaid volunteers who willingly give their time free of charge, to help others. Visit Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider Courses.

Young Driver Assessment

If you’re under 26 and keen to improve your driving skills, this course is for you. Using your own car, you will receive a second opinion on your driving, so that you will develop new skills and gain greater confidence. Visit Young Driver Assessment.

Driver Assessment

A short driving assessment aimed at everyone who is interested in safer driving but who does not feel they are (yet) ready to take the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test. Visit Driver Assessment.

Mature Driver Assessment

Undecided whether it’s still safe to drive? Get an impartial opinion and reassurance behind the wheel. This will sharpen your skills, renew your confidence and reassure your family and yourself that you are safe to continue driving. Visit Mature Driver Assessment.

IAM RoadSmart Modules

We currently offer 6 modules, to help you become a more confident driver. The most popular are the Motorway and Parking & Manoeuvring modules that are delivered ‘on-road’ in your own vehicle.

The Motorway module includes explaining the road signs and how you should respond to them on the motorway. There is also a discussion on the different scenarios that might occur on the motorway and how you can adapt to them. After that you are taken onto the motorway for a practical session and you will be shown, amongst other things, how to join and leave a motorway safely, how to drive safely, identify risks and deal with tailgaters and middle lane hoggers. This Module lasts about 2 hours.

The Parking & Manoeuvring module begins with a short discussion to help you consider where and how you park and to understand the laws relating to parking. This is followed by a practical road session, covering reverse bay parking and techniques for parallel parking on the roadside. This Module lasts about 2 hours.

The other modules, which last approximately 45 minutes in this set are seminar based, best suited for small groups of people such as clubs, employers and social or work groups. They cover: Lone Driver, Technology in the Car, Winter Driving and Distractions in the Car.

Visit the IAM RoadSmart website for further information about Our modules.

If you think any of the above courses would benefit you then perhaps you would like to know… what's next?

But before that, why not take a break and have a go at our Highway Code quiz.