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When did you last read the Highway Code?

Most experienced drivers have never looked at the Highway Code in many years and yet it states the guidance we have to observe when using our every busier road network.

Here is an opportunity for you to take the ‘CWCAM Highway Code Challenge’! Try answering the following ten questions and see how well you do!

The Highway Code quiz

Question one

You are driving through town and there are double yellow lines along the edge of the road. Are you legally allowed to stop on the double yellow lines in order to either let someone out of your car, or to pick someone up?

Question two

It is dark and you are driving along a main road where the National Speed Limit is in force. You feel tired and decide to pull up in a properly marked layby in order to rest for half an hour or so. Once stationary in the layby, you switch off the engine, but are you legally required to have parking lights on?

Question three

It is an offence to use fog lights unless visibility is less than a certain specified distance. What is this distance?

Question four

It is illegal to sound your car horn in a built up area at night: unless it is used to warn another road user of impending collision. At what time does this restriction come into force and at what time is it lifted?

Question five

Are you legally allowed to stop in an active Bus Lane during its hours of operation, in order to load or unload your vehicle?

Question six

What differences are there between a Pelican Crossing and a Puffin Crossing?

Question seven

At which pedestrian crossing is a cyclist legally allowed to cycle across, when the ‘green man’ and ‘green cyclist’ are lit?

Question eight

What is the minimum safe following distance to be observed from the vehicle ahead, when driving on a dry road where the National Speed Limit applies?

Question nine

What does this road sign mean?

Question ten

When parked outside a town house at night in a built up area with a 30mph speed limit, you are required to park on the left, in the direction of traffic flow, showing red reflectors to the rear. However, there is an exception to this rule, which allows you to park on the left, any way round you like. What is this exception?

Ten questions that every motorist and motorcyclist should be able to answer; so click on the button below to see how well you did!
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