Carlisle & West Cumbria Advanced Motorists

What’s next?

The Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider Courses can be purchased securely online through the IAM RoadSmart website: you state which Group you wish to train with from the listings on their site. IAM RoadSmart inform your chosen Group that you are now an Associate Member and someone from the Group will then contact you to arrange your training.

The Training Process

A typical Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider course comprises an initial assessment of your driving or riding. On completion, you will receive a comprehensive debrief and a personal development plan. Your Trainer, known in the IAM Roadsmart as an Observer, may also give you a demonstration drive or ride of the required standard followed by a short Theory presentation.

Training sessions follow over the next few weeks, at times agreed by you and your Observer and typically comprise the following guidance sessions:

If on completion of the above, you are deemed to be of advanced test standard, we will inform IAM RoadSmart that this is the case.

The Examiner will then contact you to make arrangements for your test at a mutually agreeable time and place. The test lasts about 90 minutes and if successful, you become a full member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists RoadSmart.

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